That UN attack is condemnable

September, 2011

Now that things are taking this dimension, perhaps Nigerian government shall wake up from its silly slumber, maddening mediocrity, babbling braggadocio and schizophrenic self deceit. You govern a country of over 150 million people, over 60 million of which are young people who do not have any job but have neglected to educate and empower them.  More than half of Nigerians live a life of poverty, crime, drug trafficking, fraud, ignorance, shame, religious intolerance and prejudice.  The security of a nation is not about deploying several police to protect corrupt governors, ministers or judges. All in Nigeria must be protected and their security ensured. All Nigerians must be educated and be taught to tolerate, respect and honor each other.  As for those who kill others, for whatever reason, their cowardly and despicable acts stand condemnable. They and those who sponsor them will be haunted by their evil acts and can never go free.

Nigerian government and its handlers seem to live in a world of their own. By their actions and inactions, they have succeeded in a creating an army of radicals with such devastating consequence as we saw in the attack of UN building.

If anything, the lesson from Boko Haram is that there is nothing more dangerous than a society with young frustrated and confused individuals who believe it is their religious duty to wage holy war against their people. The single most important reason for this unreasonable act is injustice brought about by years of corruption, oppression, siren, fleet of cars, pot bellies and life of luxury of people in authority or those linked to them. Characterized by intellectual laziness, begging and backwardness in all ramifications, our country has become the breeding ground for terrorists and yansika like Gaddafi can easy cash on that.

We all saw the hypocrisy that was the “introduction of sharia” in some states and the contrast between what the governors preached and what they did and how that actually created more grounds for this madness. The link between these attacks and the sympathy enjoyed by tyrants and morally decadent people like Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein from these people in our society is obvious.

Let every councilor, chairman, representative, senator, governor and indeed the president; nay, let every public official and educated Nigerian know that, for every single act of corruption perpetrated, more seeds of anger, hatred, frustration and radicalism are sown. For every unlawful penny spent on lavish life style to purchase cars and houses we don’t need, more of these monsters are created.

Get your children, students and younger ones and find out what they are up to? Who do they interact with? and discuss issues about ambition, career and being the best. Teach them the value of truth and standing by it. Teach them how to struggle for what is theirs, through non violent means, treating each with fairness and harming no one.

As for those in authority, It is our hope that the few credible people in government can prevail upon the mainly corrupt ones to see reason enough to give issues of education and security in the country the seriousness they deserve. No society can ever prosper in an atmosphere of inequality, injustice, ignorance and prejudice.

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