One year later

17th October, 2013

Today marks exactly one year and 10 days this blog has been on break. Involved as I have been with a lot of engagements, the simple act of writing here, though seemingly quite simple, proved to be a herculean task indeed. Besides the laboratory work for a PhD program in molecular biology I am pursuing, several activities have kept me quite busy. From a Brazil- Africa project to the publication of a number of scientific articles, book chapters, a trip to Nigeria for a project on sugarcane and the setting up of a biofactory in a municipal in Bahia state of Brazil, 2013 couldn’t have been more tasking.  But I am back. In the coming weeks, I shall resume writing. Although I cannot say at what frequency these write ups will come, but they will come more regularly.  And there were books. Yes I have been reading a number of books on science, philosophy, theology, critical thinking, social science and more. From Chinua Achebe to Reza Aslan, Lesley Hazleton, Noam Chomsky, Edward O Wilson, Richard Dawkins, Frantz Fanon and others. I will share my thoughts on these books with readers while continuing my regular postings

Thank you for reading.

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